XTHEIA is a novel technology offering a direct to consumer three-dimensional advertising platform for medical manufacturers and distributors to engage with patients in the waiting room lobby, extending to physicians in the consultation room to connect before and after photos in a holographic display. Our company has a multi-tiered approach tethered in the modern day advancements of augmented reality to enhance product and clinical education. We believe the point of sale is the front door, let us help you take your customers and their patients from their potential to their realized future.

Austin Podowski
Founder, CEO

Mr. Podowski a past independent film actor, director, and producer has transformed into an elite marketing specialist, serving as an A to Z business development executive since his youth with several successful launches in his portfolio spanning from digital marketing and advertising to dental, cosmetic, and surgical device companies. With nearly two decades of work-life experience under various mentors, Mr. Podowski acts as a bridge between enterprise and the changing ideals of coming generations, as well as a zip line of efficacious tech to commercial industry.

Mike McDonald

Mr. McDonald is a true chief operations nomad with expertise spanning a magnitude of industries and three healthy career exits in medical aesthetics including ThermiAesthetics, SBMI, and Primcogent Solutions.

Paul Herchman
Key Investor, Strategic Partnerships

Mr. Herchman is a proven exit strategist who has facilitated startup to shareholder exit including public offerings while exploiting emerging tech to the aesthetics field, most notably from companies such as Medical Alliance and Thermi Aesthetics. Currently, Mr. Herchman is an acting board member of BioNorthTX, Health Wildcatters, Ideal Implant, and Careexpand.

Dr. Barry DiBernardo
Chairman. Medical Advisory Group

Dr. DiBernardo is the Medical Director of New Jersey Plastic Surgery® in Montclair, New Jersey, past President of the New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons (2005-2006), an Associate Clinical Professor in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery at UMDNJ and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Aesthetic Surgery  Education and Research Foundation. He also serves on the Advisory Board to many of the leading skincare and injectable technology companies worldwide.

Zahid Khalid
Project Management, Lead

Mr. Kahlid has worked in computer sciences and coding with a proficiency in the most commonly used languages in the development space and a heavy background in computer gaming development with a recent focus on healthcare IOS/ Android applications.


Messay Denbel
Project Design, Lead

Mr. Denbel is a product focused designer with vast experiences in creating digital solutions to complex human centered interactions. He has had the pleasure of working with many virtual realities including Mark Cuban backed and funded projects currently used by thousands of consumers daily.