Aestheia Imaging has two directives, first we’ve sent out to change the way medical companies communicate with their real bottom line, patients. We are revolutionizing the consumer connection by impacting the core to the life-cycle of medical manufacture’s businesses, their image. In tandem we are revolutionizing the consultation room and bringing physicians into the future by enhancing the patient view point of clinical data and before and after photos, tethering already existing photo room capabilities with holographic displays.

XTHEIA Holonomics

XTHEIA is a novel technology offering direct to consumer three-dimensional advertising platform placed in the waiting room lobby to creating engagement of patients. The product features a detachable tablet for library access to programable advertising content and control of the display unit.


XSCULPT using proprietary 3DC technology is a holographic before and after imaging platform used to offer realistic simulations of patient outcomes, the device connects with your already existing photo room equipment including Canfield, Foto- Finder and Qauntificare products. The device offers a new dimension to communicate the finest blemish correction and redefining contour along-side 4D clinical educational explanatory content to aid in communicating treatment benefit, processes, and indications.


XSOMA is a large format holographic display to increase brand awareness in high foot traffic locations, offering captivating never before seen mediums to re-vamp your direct to consumer advertising efforts. Park the bus and forget the road-show, get a light-year ahead of your competition with stationary retail-outlet projection.